Digital Terrestrial Television in Israel

IDAN Plus - Digital Terrestrial Television in Israel
IDAN is the Hebrew acronym for Israel Accessible Digital Channels

Final ASO Analogue Switch Off date was on March 30, 2011

Regular transmissions started August 2nd, 2009 on channel UHF 26 in central Israel and on channel UHF 29 in the North and in Southern Israel. The initial system consisted of 13 main transmitters and more were added since then country-wide. Due to public protests regarding radiation issues from the main transmitter in Givatayim, there were some serious reception problems in the Dan District (Tel Aviv metropolitan area) because the operating company was forced to reduce the transmission power

In some remote areas satellite reception is required even after final ASO (via the AMOS satellite)

As of March 1, 2017 there TWO muxes available with 5 channels each
MUX 1 in DVB-T includes : IBA 1/IETV 1, IBA 33, Channel 2, Channel 10 and the Knesset Channel
MUX 2 in DVB-T2 includes : Channel 9, Channel 20, Channel 24, IBA 1 HD and Hala TV (Arabic)
In order to receive you will need a new set top box.

The Israel Arbaic-language commercial channel Hala TV is also available free to air via the same satellite.

Consult your neighbours (if they receive IDAN Plus) and a antenna professional

The IDAN Plus service is aggregated and distributed under the responsibility of the 2nd Authority for Radio and Television in israel and the transmitters network is run by the engineering department of BEZEQ telecom

Current (and 2nd phase) service broadcasting standards
Video : MPEG-4
Audio : AAC-HE V.2
EPG for 7 days
CC = Closed Captions including Real-Time Live Broadcast News Subtitling System on most Hebrew programming are provided on IBA 1, IETV 1, IETV 23, Channel 2, Channel 10 and the Knesset Channel

STB (set top box) Cost

When IDAN+ was launched, the initial STB's cost was was approx. 400NIS but since then its has dropped to around 150 200 NIS (10/2016). Cheaper receivers area available online on foreigh shopping sites (especially in China) . Many TV sets currently on sale also offer an integrated digital tuner which saves the cost of an external STB
October 2016 UPDATE

Politics and politicians

So far nothing has moved forward. It seems politics are more and more involved in the pay Tv market and the benefits for the general public as always are low priority

July 2013 UPDATE

Idan Plus to expand channels

Israel's Knesset Economic Affairs Committee has approved the expansion of the Idan Plus digital terrestrial television (DTT) service to compete against cable and satellite services provided by Bezeq's subsidiary Yes and Hot respectively, Globes reported. Minister of Communications Gilad Erdan is promoting the reform. Idan Plus is free, except for the set-top box, which costs a few hundred shekels

Idan Plus currently offers six stations: Israel Broadcasting Authority's Channels 1 and 33, education station Channel 23, commercial stations Channel 10 and 22, and the Knesset Channel. The service will be expanded to include the Russian language station Channel 9, pop music Channel 24, and sports, television serials, movies, nature, and documentary channels

The tenders for the designated channels will be published in early 2014, and their business models will be either ads-based (free for subscribers) or subscriber-based. The Economics Committee also decided that three of the nine new Idan Plus channels must meet the Israeli original content requirement, at a rate of 8-12 percent. Erdan said the expansion of Idan Plus will create real competition in the multi-channel television market, which will result in lower cable and satellite subscriber prices

March 2013 UPDATE

Israel's The Second Authority and Thomson Broadcast Sign Large-scale DTT National Network Extension Agreement

Conflans Sainte Honorine, FRANCE — 20 March, 2013 — Thomson Broadcast has won a major contract with The Second Authority for Television and Radio, the public authority that regulates commercial broadcasts in Israel. Selecting Thomson Broadcast as a strategic partner in the extension of its nationwide DVB-T/DVB-T2 network, The Second Authority's order for new infrastructure includes two new multiplexes on thirty sites including three single frequency areas. This major deal incorporates a three-year service agreement for the global transmission system

Sixty-three high- and medium- power transmitters from Thomson's GreenPower range have been ordered together with installation and commissioning services, in a deal which follows on from the company's earlier deployment of DVB-T multiplexes over thirty transmission and sixty-two repeater sites
“This important national infrastructure project is part of the second phase of Israel's transition to digital, and includes the roll out of eighteen additional television and radio services and HDTV quality," said Mr.Tal Nissim, CTO. "Thomson Broadcast was the preferred partner in the first phase, and the success of that relationship led us to extend our association with the company. Thomson Broadcast provides complete reliability, low cost of ownership, and continuous innovation with customized technical expertise including containerized transmitters and dedicated local support.”

Equipped with dualcast-ready digital exciters, the GreenPower range offers the ability to smoothly migrate from DVB-T to DVB-T2 and to easily offer additional HDTV content. Ranging from low- to high- power, the range covers all the power requirements of The Second Authority. As an extension project, Thomson will also deploy its user-friendly centralized Network Management System to control and monitor the overall transmission system from a single facility

“This multi-million-euro contract underlines the successful long-term relationship between Thomson Broadcast and The Second Authority, and the renewed confidence in the company following its acquisition by Arelis Group, a specialist of RF and Microwave solutions for defense and aerospace markets,” said Pascal Veillat, Chairman, Arelis Group. The deal includes a new service level agreement providing The Second Authority with a high level of local services to keep its currently operating DTV transmission equipment running 24/7, 365 days a year
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